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Discourse on copywriting

Мой текстик. Пусть тут будет.

I had been working for 2 years in journalism when I had met a notion of “copywriting” the first time. It was an article in a website where a successful copywriter shared the delight on his job. He kindly told to his readership in detail of how exciting it was to create the idea of commercial, participate in its filming and count a pile of money that he made after this. The story really impressed me. Later I found a book (or did the book find me?) “99 Francs” by Frederic Beigbeder. The narrative is rather about to cry shame upon the copywriting, but, ironically, it worked in the opposite way for me. And just a week later I entered a 2-month lasting “Advertisement school”. Right away I got a job of copywriter.

So, what copywriting is about? Or let’s ask more precise: what copywriting in Ukraine is about? I would say it is the professional activity that requires high creativity and solid writing skills. As long as you have both you can try yourself in copywriting. The ratio of creativity and writing varies according to the company. For instance, advertisement agencies deal more with the concepts, insights and ideas. Consequently, they look for the copywriters with stronger creativity constituent who are able to think out of box. In contrast, the companies that produce goods or provide services usually need the employees who can write high-quality content for a corporate website, press-releases and greeting cards.

Personally I had a chance to work for both – for the advertisement agency and for the manufacturing enterprise. If I were asked what I prefer more, my answer would be tricky. No doubts, that work in the advertisement agency with emphasis on creativity in a team of young and bright people is a way more exciting than work in a regular company. Nevertheless, my choice would be done towards the regular company. Why? To explain it I would compare work in the advertisement agency with a cool party. You have fun with mates in a beautiful space with high budgets. The process for the participants is vivid and enthralling. However, when the party is over you face just tired people and piles of garbage. The same, in my humble opinion, happens in the advertisement agencies. Hundreds of people are involved in a very busy process with heated discussions, burning deadlines and enormous amount of money. And in the end nothing, but a new bulk of information waste is produced. Somebody could object that advertisement is reality of our time and somebody has to do it. I agree. Just partying for a long time is not for me.
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